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Journal articles


  • 2023: "A sea of difference? Australian and Italian approaches to irregular migration and seaborne asylum seekers", Contemporary Politics: 29(1): 93-113 

  • 2022: "Whither the Indo-Pacific? Middle power strategies from Australia, South Korea, and Indonesia", International Affairs 98(2): 403-421 (Open Access, see here)

  • 2022: "Issues in Australian Foreign Policy: July to December 2021" [with Tom Wilkins], Australian Journal of Politics & History 68(2): 264-278 (Open Access, see here)

  • 2022: "Navigating Troubled Waters: Opportunities and Challenges for Australia in the Indo-Pacific Century", East Asian Policy 14(2): 109-123

  • 2021: "Australia the ‘good international citizen’? The limits of a traditional middle power", Australian Journal of International Affairs 75(2): 178-196

  • 2020: "Middle powers and Great powers through history: the concept from ancient times to the present day", History of Political Thought 41(3): 397-418

  • 2020: “The West’s Policeman? Assessing Italy’s Status in Global Peacekeeping”, The International Spectator 55(2): 127-141

  • 2018: “The electoral payoff of immigration flows for anti-immigration parties: the case of Italy’s Lega Nord” [with Francesco Bailo], European Political Science 17(3): 378-403

  • 2018: “The Republic of Murrawarri and the Debate on Aboriginal Sovereignty in Australia”, Indigenous Policy Journal 28(3): 1-16

  • 2018: “Il concetto di media potenza dal XIII secolo ai giorni nostri [The middle power concept from the 13th century to the present day]”, Rivista di Politica 8(4): 147-162

  • 2017: “Italy’s Migration Policies Combating Irregular Immigration: from the Early Days to the Present Times”, The International Spectator 52(4): 76-92

  • 2016: “Il liberalismo dell'Australia: il profilo liberalista di una nazione che è sia una media potenza che una potenza regionale [Australia’s liberalism: the liberalist profile of a middle and regional power]”, Rivista Marittima 149(11): 8-14

  • 2016: “Geopolitica dell'affiliazione partitica in Australia: un approccio quantitativo [The geopolitics of Australia’s political affiliation: a quantitative approach]”, Geopolitica 5(1): 251-274


  • 2016: Italy as a regional power: the African context from national unification to the present day (Rome: Aracne, 2016)

  • 2013: The geopolitics of Australian in the new millennium: the Asia-Pacific context (Rome: Aracne, 2013)

Edited books

  • 2021: Awkward Powers: Escaping Traditional Middle and Great Power Theory, edited by Gabriele Abbondanza and Thomas Wilkins (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021)

Book chapters
  • 2022: G. Abbondanza, "Dall'Australia a Vanuatu: i cambiamenti climatici nella geopolitica del Pacifico meridionale", in Atlante Geopolitico 2022 (Rome: Treccani, 2022), 15-17

  • 2022: G. Abbondanza, "La pandemia da Covid-19 in Australia e Nuova Zelanda: implicazioni nazionali e internazionali", in XXI secolo il mondo sospeso: gli anni della pandemia, eds. Giuliano Amato & Paolo Vineis (Rome: Treccani, 2022), 159-165

  • 2021: G. Abbondanza & T. Wilkins, “The Case for Awkward Powers”, in Awkward Powers: Escaping Traditional Great and Middle Power Theory, eds. G. Abbondanza & T. Wilkins (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), 3-39

  • 2021: G. Abbondanza, “The Odd Axis: Germany, Italy, and Japan as Awkward Great Powers”, in Awkward Powers: Escaping Traditional Great and Middle Power Theory, eds. G. Abbondanza & T. Wilkins (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), 43-71

  • 2021: T. Wilkins & G. Abbondanza, “What makes an awkward power? Recurrent patterns and defining characteristics”, in Awkward Powers: Escaping Traditional Great and Middle Power Theory, eds. G. Abbondanza & T. Wilkins (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), 375-404

  • 2021: M. Abbondanza & G. Abbondanza, "Dalle lotte partigiane alla Difesa: la vita di Osvaldo Abbondanza", in Le vite dei Cesenati XV, ed. Giancarlo Cerasoli (Cesena: Stampare, 2021), 17-30. Read the chapter here

  • 2019: G. Abbondanza, “The historical determination of the middle power concept”, in Rethinking Middle Powers: New Frameworks, New Cases, eds. Tanguy Struye de Swielande, Dorothée Vandamme, David Walton, and Thomas Wilkins (London: Routledge, 2019), 32-44

Policy Papers - Policy Briefs
  • 2022: “Australian foreign policy in the Indo-Pacific century: opportunities and challenges”. East Asia Institute Background Brief 1654: 1-16

  • 2022: “The foreign policy challenges of Australia’s new Labor government”. IAI Commentaries 22(28): 1-5

  • 2021: "The AUKUS Partnership: A Wake-up Call for Europe", IAI Commentaries 21(53): 1-5

  • 2020: "Italy and Australia: Time for a Strategic Partnership", IAI Commentaries 20(87): 1-5

  • 2020: “Italian Peacekeeping Missions: Vast, Praised and Underused”, IAI Papers 20(20): 1-16

Conferences & Seminars
  • 2022: "Rethinking National Power in a Global Order in Flux: from Theory to Measurement", paper presented at the 2022 International Studies Association (ISA) conference. Panel chair

  • 2022: "Europe’s growing role in the Indo-Pacific", joint United States Studies Centre-GIR roundtable. Panel co-chair

  • 2022: "Italy's quiet pivot to the Indo-Pacific", paper presented at the 2022 Australian Political Science Association (APSA) conference

  • 2022: speaker at the 2022 Social Sciences Week, topic: the first 100 days of the Albanese government - Foreign & Defence Policy

  • 2022: panellist at the 2022 Cinema Italia film festival (movie: "Shun-Li and the Poet")

  • 2022: speaker at the Italian Research Day (Sydney), as one of Italy's "most brilliant researchers in Australia"

  • 2021“After the Pandemic: Italy’s Place in the World”, personal conference at the 2021 Italian Cultural Institute Conference Series, held in Sydney. Opening speeches by the Italian Ambassador to Australia H.E. Francesca Tardioli, Italian Consul General Andrea De Felip, & President of the Italian Institute of International Affairs  Ferdinando Nelli Feroci

  • 2021“Assessing the scope for cooperation between Australia and Italy in the 21st century”, paper presented at the 2021 Australian Political Science Association (APSA) online conference. Panel convenor and chair

  • 2021“COVID-19 and human security: environmental, social, and medical risk factors”, paper presented at the 2021 Italian Political Science Association (SISP) online conference

  • 2021“Awkward Powers in International Relations”, paper presented at the 2021 GIR Colloquium Series, held at the University of Sydney

  • 2020: “A sea of difference? Australian and Italian approaches to irregular maritime migration”, paper presented at the 2020 International Political Science Association (IPSA) web conference

  • 2019: “Germany, Italy, and Japan as Awkward Great Powers in the International System”, paper presented at the 2019 Australian Political Science Association (APSA) conference, held in Adelaide. Panel convenor and chair

  • 2019: “From peace enforcement to state-building: recent Italian efforts in the Balkans”, paper presented at the 2019 International Political Science Association (IPSA) conference in Sarajevo

  • 2018: “Spain: Europe’s Long-time Middle Power” paper presented at the 2018 World Congress of Political Science (IPSA), held in Brisbane. Panel convenor and chair

  • 2017: “Towards a simplified theoretical framework for middle powers” paper presented at the 2017 Australian Political Science Association (APSA) conference, held in Melbourne

  • 2016: “Postcolonial Italy: between Europe and Africa”, a paper presented at the Postcolonial Italy: Between Assimilation and Integration conference, held in Adelaide (

  • 2016: “Italy: between regional and global politics”, a paper presented at the 2016 Italian Cultural Institute Conference Series, held in Sydney (

  • 2013: “La geopolitica e l’Australia: scenari in evoluzione” (Australia and geopolitics: evolving scenarios), a dual-language paper presented at the 2013 Domus Talenti Conference, held in Rome (

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