Journal articles


  • 2021: "Australia the ‘good international citizen’? The limits of a traditional middle power", Australian Journal of International Affairs 75(2): 178-196

  • 2020: "Middle powers and Great powers through history: the concept from ancient times to the present day", History of Political Thought 41(3): 397-418

  • 2020: “The West’s Policeman? Assessing Italy’s Status in Global Peacekeeping”, The International Spectator 55(2): 127-141

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  • 2016: “Geopolitica dell'affiliazione partitica in Australia: un approccio quantitativo [The geopolitics of Australia’s political affiliation: a quantitative approach]”, Geopolitica 5(1): 251-274


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  • 2013: The geopolitics of Australian in the new millennium: the Asia-Pacific context (Rome: Aracne, 2013)

Book chapters
  • 2019: “The historical determination of the middle power concept”, in Rethinking Middle Powers: New Frameworks, New Cases, edited by Tanguy Struye de Swielande, Dorothée Vandamme, David Walton, and Thomas Wilkins, 32-44 (London: Routledge, 2019)

Policy Papers - Policy Briefs
  • 2020: "Italy and Australia: Time for a Strategic Partnership", IAI Commentaries 20|87: 1-5

  • 2020: “Italian Peacekeeping Missions: Vast, Praised and Underused”, IAI Papers 20|20: 1-16

Conferences & Seminars
  • 2021“COVID-19 and human security: environmental, social, and medical risk factors”, paper presented at the 2021 Italian Political Science Association (SISP) web conference

  • 2021“Awkward Powers in International Relations”, paper presented at the 2021 GIR Colloquium Series, held at the University of Sydney

  • 2020: “A sea of difference? Australian and Italian approaches to irregular maritime migration”, paper presented at the 2020 International Political Science Association (IPSA) web conference

  • 2019: “Germany, Italy, and Japan as Awkward Great Powers in the International System”, paper presented at the 2019 Australian Political Science Association (APSA) conference, held in Adelaide. Panel convenor and chair

  • 2019: “From peace enforcement to state-building: recent Italian efforts in the Balkans”, paper presented at the 2019 International Political Science Association (IPSA) conference in Sarajevo

  • 2018: “Spain: Europe’s Long-time Middle Power” paper presented at the 2018 World Congress of Political Science (IPSA), held in Brisbane. Panel convenor and chair

  • 2017: “Towards a simplified theoretical framework for middle powers” paper presented at the 2017 Australian Political Science Association (APSA) conference, held in Melbourne

  • 2016: “Postcolonial Italy: between Europe and Africa”, a paper presented at the Postcolonial Italy: Between Assimilation and Integration conference, held in Adelaide (

  • 2016: “Italy: between regional and global politics”, a paper presented at the 2016 Italian Cultural Institute Conference Series, held in Sydney (

  • 2013: “La geopolitica e l’Australia: scenari in evoluzione” (Australia and geopolitics: evolving scenarios), a dual-language paper presented at the 2013 Domus Talenti Conference, held in Rome (